The rules are designed to help the server run smoothly. They are not intended to get good players into trouble, but are there to prevent bad players from causing it.

We suggest you read both the general rules section, and the specific rules for any server you wish to play on. (Some general rules may be repeated in server specific sections; this is because they are given special consideration on these servers.)

General Rules and Guidelines:

These rules apply to all Red Cat servers:

  • No harassment or personal attacks.
  • No content that is inappropriate for children.
  • No swearing, all caps text, spamming, dating or roleplay.
  • Don’t ask for, or reveal, personal information.
  • Don’t use “hacked” clients or CSM mods without permission from an admin.

Please note that admins and moderators have a duty to be fair and to act within the rules, but you are expected to cooperate with them and they are entitled to make judgement calls when required.

Specific Rules for Red Cat Creative:


  • No griefing. If you didn’t build something yourself, don’t change it.
  • Do not build above/below other people’s buildings.
  • Don’t build too close to other people. 50 nodes distance from the edge of an area is usually fair, but if someone has built far away from everyone else, an even bigger distance should be left.
  • If you build something, protect it (Areas mod is installed).


  • No insults, fighting, swearing, all caps text, spamming, dating or roleplay.
  • If an admin asks you to do something, you are expected to listen.


  • To build you need the interact privilege.  To get this, follow the instructions on the signs in game to find the keyword, then type the keyword in the chat. Once you know the keyword, don’t share it with other players. If they don’t know what to do, tell them to read the rules instead.
  • Don’t ask for extra privileges unless you can say why you should get them.
    • To gain the catport privilege, build at least three good buildings and ask an admin to look at them.
    • When you run out of protection areas, or if you are building something larger than you can protect, you can ask for the areas_high_limit privilege.

Specific Rules for Dark Lands Survival:


  • Don’t get angry if you die.
  • Remember this is NOT a dating service.
  • No insults, personal attacks, swearing, griefing, all caps text, spamming, dating or roleplay.
  • Don’t beg for privs or items.
  • Don’t reveal or request personal information.
  • If an admin asks you to do something, you are expected to listen.


  • Place protectors. Admins won’t fix damage to your buildings if you didn’t place protectors.
  • Don’t build directly around the spawn area. Your buildings may be removed by an admin without warning if you do.

PVP Guidelines:

  • PVP is allowed, but stop if you are asked to stop.
  • Repeat killing of a player, especially after they ask you to stop, will get you in trouble.
  • Don’t kill new players at spawn. This is the equivalent of asking an admin to join and kill you. We might not always ban a bully, but the bully can expect to be bullied in turn.


  • Instead of asking how to make things, get a crafting guide and teach yourself. These are sold at the spawn area, close to the public mine entrance.
  • Craft bags. Items placed in bags won’t be lost when you die. Admins won’t replace dropped items.



The designs of any original and distinct builds made on any Red Cat Minetest server are considered copyright of the builder. Schematics created from them should therefore not be used in mods, in games, on other servers, or in any other way without permission of the builder.

This means that if we want to use your builds for something outside the Red Cat servers (for example, in a mod or game), we will ask you about it first.

Note however that by building on any Red Cat server, you give permission for your builds to be displayed on Red Cat servers, and for screenshots/videos of your builds to be posted by players and members of the Red Cat team.

(At present, Red Cat servers include Red Cat Creative, Dark Lands Survival and The Box.)