How to Help

A good server is not built just by the owner, or even just by the admin team. It is built by the moderators, the players who help others, the in-game builders and what they create,  those who never heard of the server but happened to write the mods we use, and other server owners and technical geniuses who linger in the background to offer help and advice when it’s most useful.

If you want to help there are a number of roles you might take. Here’s a little info about them:


Most people don’t see this as an actual role, but any good player on our servers is hugely valued. It is impossible to stress how important and helpful you are by being one.


This one is what most people want to be, but please do not ask to join the moderator team. Consistently follow all rules, demonstrate your ability to be helpful while remaining polite, show that you can work with and respect the current members of the team, and when there is an opening, you might find you get an invite.


There are not many of these, and never will be many at a time. Admins are ones who, in addition to having far higher privileges within the game, have the right to make important decisions about how the server is run. Shara chooses who the admins are, and they have usually demonstrated exceptional capabilities for helping with the servers.


Though our servers have a fairly impressive selection of mods which, for the most part, work quite well together, there is always more that can be done. If you are a capable mod creator and would like to use this skill to assist us, you are more than welcome. Please remember that any mods must be efficient and cleanly coded, or will not be considered for our servers. The following list includes currently desired features mod writers could assist with, though other suggestions can still be brought to the admins.

Tasks for modders:

  • Bounty hunting mod for Dark Lands: Should allow a player to specify a target and reward which will then be taken from their inventory and stored, and that will then be granted to a player who successfully kills the named target.
  • Textures: Texture creators who are willing to work on a long term project should poke Shara. Desired textures include node textures, skins, armours and others.