Red Cat | Creative

Status: Public

Hosted by: Shara

Main admins: Shara, whoareyou

Info: Moderated pure creative server, focused on large scale building projects. Ridiculous number of customised mods. New content almost every month. spawn_library

Main mods: other_worlds (160+ mods).

Red Cat | Dark Lands Survival

Status: Public

Hosted by: sniper

Main admins: Shara, sniper

Info: A joint server run by Red Cat and ESP. Darkness itself can hurt you. Dragons and giant bats can be tamed and ridden if they don’t eat you first. Expect to die lots.

Main mods: ethereal, bewarethedark, caverealms_lite (approx 60 mods total).

Red Cat | The Box

Status: Online but only open to testers

Hosted by: ?!?!

Main admins: !?!?!

Info: Invite only, and still under-development, adventure/puzzle map. Public release date uncertain. Currently looking for builders: If you are a builder of high skill and are not afraid to follow directions, feel free to ask if you can help.

Red Cat | Hidden Worlds

Status: Now under official development as a survival focused subgame with a focus on player progression and diverse and interesting biomes.

Info: Includes many unusual biomes such as Ghost Forest, Toxic Swamp and the Shadow Lands. This may eventually appear as a survival server.