Red Cat | Creative

Status: Public

Hosted by: Shara

Main admins: Shara, whoareyou

Info: Moderated pure creative server, focused on large scale building projects. Ridiculous number of customised mods. New content almost every month. spawn_library

Main mods: other_worlds (160+ mods).

Red Cat | Dark Lands Survival

Status: Public

Hosted by: sniper

Main admins: Shara, sniper

Info: Survival server. Darkness itself can hurt you. Dragons and giant bats can be tamed and ridden if they don’t eat you first. Expect to die lots.

Main mods: ethereal, bewarethedark, caverealms_lite (approx 60 mods total).

Red Cat | The Box

Status: Online but only open to testers

Hosted by: ?!?!

Main admins: !?!?!

Info: Invite only, and still under-development, adventure/puzzle map. Public release date uncertain. Currently looking for builders: If you are a builder of high skill and are not afraid to follow directions, feel free to ask if you can help.

Red Cat | Hidden Worlds

Status: Now under official development as a survival focused subgame with a focus on player progression and diverse and interesting biomes.

Info: Includes many unusual biomes such as Ghost Forest, Toxic Swamp and the Shadow Lands. This may eventually appear as a survival server.