Sneak Preview: The Box (skyboxes)

The Box has been a pretty secretive project, and is still a long way from completion, but since I have been playing around with the skybox code for it this past week, here’s some screenshots.

These skyboxes may or may not be included in the end, but I like how they look, so it’s certainly possible.

Dark Lands: Darker Times…

So the Dark Lands server has been an amazing success since it opened at the start of the year, but a server built around how you interact with the light and darkness was always going to be a server needing more content down in the dark underground.

Caverealms has always been a rather lovely mod and was the obvious choice for this, but it was inefficient and flooded caves with lava. It was screaming for a rewrite and for all kinds of adjustments, and thankfully we have a Zeno, and to the rescue he came with the new caverealms-lite.

Instead of merely rewriting the original mod, we went on to add new content and to link it closely with other mods such as ethereal.

We now have caves containing underground deserts:

And alongside them, frozen caves filled with icicles:

Strange mushroom forests:

Caverns of glowing obsidian:

And the frightful burning realm the dungeon masters themselves call home:

And if that’s not enough, the deep caves are filled with crawling bugs and hordes of dangerous goblins, as well as other things. Other things that someone bold enough might even find ways to befriend and take home with them… if they don’t get eaten first.

Try not to die too many times, down there in the dark…

New mod: bonemeal

Yes, some of you noticed we accidentally broke the old fertiliser mod and yes, some people got sad they could no longer insta-grow trees any time they felt like.

Well now we have bonemeal to do this with. Just click away on a sapling with it and it will get the job done.

Some other mods have also been updated, which I hope will fix the inventory problems some app users are getting. If anyone can confirm whether the fix has worked, please let me know.

Dark Lands Survival

It’s taken some time, but with the help of some amazing people the Dark Lands Survival server is now open to the public. Though Red Cat Creative will stay as the main server we focus on, anyone who feels like trying survival is very welcome to check Dark Lands.

Dark Lands is an Ethereal valleys map where you really need to pay special attention to the darkness itself, or it will kill you. Enemy difficulty is higher than what most people will be used to as well, but nature itself is also more likely to provide lighting, and dragons can be tamed (if only you can work out how and then manage not to lose them…).


This server is a joint project between Red Cat and ESP, so I want to say a huge thank you to sniper who is hosting the server. I also want to say thank you to agaran and Zero who have done a great deal of testing and who have both helped me adjust mods, and also to the other testers (Billr, Brackston, unk and garywhite come to mind), and to Anubis for building the spawn. Finally a big thank you to TenPlus1 for going as far as writing a whole mod for this server on my request. You people are all kinds of awesome.

Event: Winter

Fields that are usually green are now covered in snow. Presents and snowmen and things to hang on trees have appeared in the inventory.


Maybe you should all be making the buildings look a bit more festive now?

New mod: redcat

Okay, so I’m lying. The mod isn’t new, but the content is.

A total of 25 new nodes have been added for you to build with. These include some with very nice textures Phiwari123 created and was kind enough to let us use.


Nodes using Phiwari123’s textures.

Please say thank you if you see him around.

One Year Old

So Red Cat Creative is now officially one year old.

There’s a lot of people who have helped Red Cat last this long, sadly far too many for me to list, but I want to say thank you. This server has done so well because of the admins, the helpers, the mod writers, and all the countless people in the background. I am nothing without the team that has grown here.

And then there are the players! Without players there would be nothing here of course. You make this place what it is, and I remain grateful and awed by what you create.

Back at the start, one year ago, I thought I was making a tiny server for myself and a couple of friends, but I could not have been more wrong. Red Cat has grown into something bigger than I dreamed. Into something with more heart and soul behind it than I thought possible.

So let’s not stop yet. Let’s see how much further we can come. Red Cat is only just beginning.

Purrs to you all,
-Red Cat


Mod Update: farming

We have now removed farming_plus in favour of tenplus1’s farming redo (with a few tiny tweaks of my own). No content is lost and a few things have been gained.

If you notice any problems or weirdness, let me know!