New mod: lpanes

It’s been a while since RC got some new nodes to play with, so have yourselves some more stained glass – this time some quite high detailed panes – to build more wonders with.

There’s 20 different colours included.

9 thoughts on “New mod: lpanes

  1. Would love to try these.

    But I cannot connect anymore since banned on IP. Could you review this ban or let me know a reason?

    • Your IP address was banned for a player (named Blok) griefing another player’s buildings. I wasn’t the one who placed the ban, but can see from logs that Blok was asked to stop multiple times but doesn’t seem to have replied.

      • We joined the server as a family. Seems some of us are still a bit too young to build and explore unsupervised. Can you make it a temporary ban as a warning first? It helps learning how to behave and what are the limits, giving young people time to learn from mistakes. Our apologies to the players who got annoyed by the griefing.

        • Unbanned the account. Let me know if you have any trouble connecting.

          Also thank you for discussing this so maturely. I’ll trust you to keep an eye on Blok. 🙂

  2. HELP ME!
    I builded a space base on the Red cat.
    After connecting, the server did not allow me to back up again. The error message: ” Access Denied. Reason”: Unable to create an account named ‘asenohun’ An account already created with name ‘asenohun’. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you!

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