When Sleeping Cats Wake…

Firstly I would like to make a huge apology for the recent Red Cat Creative downtime. What seems likely to have been a malicious attack against the server left the Red Cat Creative  map in a very bad state; however, I have said more than once that there is a community here behind our servers which we can all be proud of. I have said we have a good team. I have said Red Cat is a thing that will not go away.

And today the server was brought online again, proving all of this.

I cannot emphasise enough how many amazing people we have helping out. There is something special beyond words when people work together selflessly, thinking only of helping and not of their own gain. Huge thanks, more than I know how to give, are due:

  • agaran pieced the map together with patience and care to make sure it would be whole again.
  • shivajiva helped update mods to hopefully prevent any similar problems in the future.
  • Robbie provided server space so we could easily handle the necessary file transfers.
  • a player I hardly know offered money toward a solution if it would be needed.
  • everyone, absolutely everyone, was supportive and understanding.

No one yelled or shouted or complained. Every word from every player who commented was filled with kindness and encouragement. Other server owners showed their support as well.

Thank you all. There is something beautiful in the dedication and the kindness of the people here, and it is a privilege to be part of this alongside you all.

The people here are why, even though it went to sleep, the cat woke up again.

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