Dark Lands: A Tale of Lag

Firstly – a huge apology for the build up of lag over the past month.

It didn’t follow any mod updates or other changes, so wasn’t the easiest thing to diagnose, but after some testing and digging (and after poking the server with a variety of sticks until we found the point that made it yelp), we were able to work out what the problem was.

The auth file was big and Minetest checks it far too often.

A lot of servers clear the auth file of players who didn’t sign in for a year, but Dark Lands hasn’t (quite!!) existed for a year yet. The very fact that we had this issue is evidence of just how busy, (and dare I say successful), the server has been. Of course, this only meant fixing it was even more important.

So our team went to work:

  • sniper set up a test server for us to use in our efforts.
  • TommyTreasure tested and tested and tested some more for every change we made.
  • shivajiva dived in like the hero he is with a whole new replacement auth system, then tweaked and edited and perfected it until the lag just went away.
  • Shara probably did something (or maybe just wants her name here to make it look like she did).

To all the players who stuck with us: you are awesome. Thank you for being so understanding. The messages we had, showing us that you felt the server was worth being patient for and in recognition of our work really made this easier. Thanks for sticking with us.

Now please get back to taming those dragons again. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dark Lands: A Tale of Lag

    • Any servers that build up a large auth file could have this issue (corrupt auth file is also a danger; we recently experienced that on RC, but thankfully had a recent auth file backup).

      How large are the TPS auth files at this point? If you don’t take any measures to remove entries, you might be at the point where sauth would be worth looking at.

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