Dark Lands: The Time for Dragons

This is the update a lot of you have been waiting for. Dragons now spawn in the wild!

They can be tamed and ridden, though it’s exceptionally difficult to do so, and the admin team won’t tell you how! Finding them alone might prove a challenge.

Here’s the only clues you’re getting:

  • They spawn in a certain biome.
  • At a certain height.
  • At a certain time.
  • They are rare and might not appear right away.

The rest is for you to figure out.

Happy hunting!

4 thoughts on “Dark Lands: The Time for Dragons

    • The purpose of this post isn’t to tell you how to tame one. It’s to announce it’s possible and to encourage players to experiment. Not every player wants to be hand-fed every single crumb of information. In fact, for many players that actually spoils things by removing any sense of achievement from the game.

      I am not approving your other comments because you are rude, impatient and ungrateful.

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