July Bugfixes and Updates

A number of small but important mod fixes have been made over the last month:


On Red Cat Creative:

Added riventest glass, prefab concrete and ice brick to the saw
Made nodes using alpha work correctly in the saw
Added four new coloured curtains
Fixed the spawn bug – no more 0, 0, 0 prison!
Fixed issues with the default water and swamp water textures
Fixed a bug in projection_lights – they now work correctly above water
Aliased unknown ore nodes from skylands mod to their default versions
Fixed a bug where chalk gave an unknown item when dug
Removed noairblocks mod (it no longer works as of 0.4.15)
Removed tnt and give_initial_stuff mods (MTG mods the server never used)
Removed additional crafting recipes from MTG


On Dark Lands Survival:

Switched to DarkLands fork of bewarethedark
Added command for server assistants to not take darkness damage while admining
Updated under_sky so clouds will not appear underground


I know it’s more exciting when we announce new content, but fixing things is very important to maintain the server long term. We’ll probably be in fixing mode for a while to come, because there are still more issues. Hopefully this makes the servers run smoother for everyone.

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