Dark Lands: PvP and Other Updates

In fitting with the Dark Lands server’s theme, it’s now only possible to attack other players in protected areas during the night. It’s the darkness that’s meant to be dangerous after all, not the day time.

To those who love running round killing other players – sorry for this, but some balance was needed.

To everyone else – You can now relax a bit more when the sun is out. Just pay attention to where you are and be sure to hide away before sundown if you want to be safe.

Other minor updates for the Dark Lands server include:

  • The whereis command for the IRC bot has been removed. It was being abused to locate other players’ hidden bases. (This is why we can’t have nice things! Shame on you!)
  • Server has switched to using the RedCat fork of xban2 because of reasons.
  • Code has been added to enable old sneak movement (won’t be active until the server itself is updated – so I suggest using an older client until then).
  • First time players can now be temporarily prevented from joining. This is a defence against spammers who switch IP addresses to evade bans. If you try to join Dark Lands for the first time and can’t connect, please try at a later time, or contact us on IRC and ask us to open the borders.

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