Dark Lands Survival

It’s taken some time, but with the help of some amazing people the Dark Lands Survival server is now open to the public. Though Red Cat Creative will stay as the main server we focus on, anyone who feels like trying survival is very welcome to check Dark Lands.

Dark Lands is an Ethereal valleys map where you really need to pay special attention to the darkness itself, or it will kill you. Enemy difficulty is higher than what most people will be used to as well, but nature itself is also more likely to provide lighting, and dragons can be tamed (if only you can work out how and then manage not to lose them…).


This server is a joint project between Red Cat and ESP, so I want to say a huge thank you to sniper who is hosting the server. I also want to say thank you to agaran and Zero who have done a great deal of testing and who have both helped me adjust mods, and also to the other testers (Billr, Brackston, unk and garywhite come to mind), and to Anubis for building the spawn. Finally a big thank you to TenPlus1 for going as far as writing a whole mod for this server on my request. You people are all kinds of awesome.

24 thoughts on “Dark Lands Survival

    • Ruslan – join under another name sometime and try to speak with an admin. (Note: we’re limiting when people can join under new names at present due to getting a lot of chat spammers, but keep trying every so often and you should be able to connect.)

  1. Hi, is the server ok, I’ve been trying get access about 3 hours and just say “Connection time out”.

    By the way, you have the best server.

  2. Is there a blog or a link on the site that shows current server status? DarkLands seems to have been down a bit. Hope all is well.

    • You were banned for revealing personal information, such as home address, of another player.

      Sorry for that, but it wasn’t really a very smart thing to do.

    • I requested logs from the team member who banned you. Someone using your name and IP address literally wrote out someone’s full address, age and some other details. Real or not, this isn’t welcome on our servers under any circumstances, and your account will remain banned.

      Learn some respect for other people’s information. It is not yours to throw around as you please.

  3. Hi, i want to ask if you will update the server, i asked about because when i try to sign in, a message about says “La versión del protocolo no coincide. El servidor soporta versiones del protocolo entre 24 y 32. Solo se soporta la versión del protocolo 37” in english should sayd something like “The version of the protocol does not match. The server supports protocol versions between 24 and 32. Only the protocol version 37 is supported”.

    I really hope you could give me a way to come in, thanks

    • New versions often have problems, so we don’t rush to update. Dark Lands will update to the newest version once we’re sure it’s okay. For now you should just use the old client to connect if you can.

  4. Hey, Shara. Is it possible for me to help with the server ‘the box’ Of your still in need of builders.

  5. So it’s been a while now and i just came here to say :Thank you for beeing a good admin,you did the right thing to ban me.But i still think i’m innocent.Think about it,iv’e been on this server for years,made some friends,did some stuff and all the sudden i got banned because i shared private info? I’m not ordering you to unban me but just..think about it

    • Killer2 it doesn’t matter, It was personal information. As your friend I advise on not bothering the subject more.

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