Mod Update: sea

Okay, so this isn’t an update for one mod, but for a whole mod-pack, and it’s actually been several smaller updates, some of which players won’t ever really notice.

The following mods have had the following changes:

seacoral – Coral now glows and waves about under the water.

seaplants – Plants also now glow and wave, apart from a couple which still don’t wave because it wouldn’t look right.

noairblocks – The code was hit repeatedly with a large stick until it said sorry for causing warning messages and rewrote itself to play more nicely with the rest of us.

whiteshell – Did not respond well to that same stick, so got removed.

clams – Did not respond well to either the stick or threats of TNT, so got kicked out the window, and was then eaten by pigeons. They enjoyed it more than I ever did.

In conclusion, the world is a little bit prettier and quite a bit more stable.


EDIT: Most interesting explanation for the pigeons that appears in comments for this post earns the writer a new priv in game!

3 thoughts on “Mod Update: sea

  1. The pigeons were on their way from New York City to poop on Shara’s car somewhere in england, when out of the blue, a mess of clams flew out from the sea. “Boy”, one said, “never have we had lunch fly at us before! This is amazing!”

    Several agreed, except one. That one was Bob. Bob was quite the conspiracy pigeon and forgot to take his meds that day. “No, listen,” he exclaimed! “Those are not clams! They are flying saucers stuffed with radioactive cookies! The evil Shara sent them to stop us from our plan to pain her car!”

    But the others, they would not listen. And sure enough, Bob was right, for as soon as the pigeons ate the ‘clams’, they mutated into airblocks, and could no longer poop on Shara’s car….

  2. A common sight in urban areas throughout the world, the pigeon is not native to North America. Rather, pigeons were introduced into North America in the early 1600s. City buildings and window ledges mimic the rocky cliffs originally inhabited by their ancient ancestors in Europe.
    The pigeon has a long history of association with humans, having been used for food and entertainment for over 5,000 years. Escaped pigeons from breeders readily form flocks, and other stray birds may join them, thus becoming a feral population. Because of their domestic roots, and because people have bred pigeons for many different colors and accessories, feral pigeons can have a variety of feathered looks
    Pigeons are considered the number one pest bird problem in the United States and around the world

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