Remote Media

We like TPS. This is no secret. And since they are already hosting this site for us, it’s been safe to assume TPS likes us as well. Now we’ve gone one step further and teamed up with them to create a remote server which can handle all our media files.

As a player, you shouldn’t really see any difference when you connect to the game, but it means you’ll be receiving the media files from somewhere new. This translates to more resources on the Red Cat server being freed up to improve how well it runs.

If for any reason the remote server is unavailable, you might get a lot of error messages; however, after these show, you will connect the old way – so whatever happens, as long as Red Cat itself is still running, you will be able to connect.

This change will make things a lot easier for us, so feel free to call into the TPS servers and leave them a thank you for their help.

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