New Mod: rc_tpr

People kept asking for teleport request and eventually, even if it took a while, I decided to listen.

This is a stripped down version of the mod just for use on Red Cat. To use it, type:

  • /tpr followed by the name of a player to request permission to teleport to them.
  • /tphr followed by the name of a player to request for them to teleport to you.

If you receive one of these requests, type:

  • /tpy to accept.
  • /tpn to decline.

If someone declines, please don’t spam them with multiple requests. This might cause unhappy things to happen to the request sender, and we all know the evil one doesn’t need anything new to fuel his laughter.

One thought on “New Mod: rc_tpr

  1. Hey all Red Cats.

    Yes ja. it makes more easy to TP (to) other players without teleport and bring. And Players with this Right have lesser TP Requests by others 🙂 Nice Job Shara, Thank you.

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