Very many fixes

The last couple of weeks have been a rough patch. There were many lingering issues for which no one could offer easy fixes, or in some cases any fixes at all. I’m pleased to say we pulled together to smash those issues regardless and, judging by a return to high player numbers tonight, we have done a pretty good job.

Fixes and improvements include:

  1. The amount of media new players need to download on first connection has been reduced from over 12MB to under 8MB.
  2. Players no longer experience the spawn glitch. If it returnsĀ for any reason, glitched players will now find themselves in a lobby area with signs explaining the issue.
  3. The ancient and seemingly unsolvable “placing a torch sometimes crashes the server” issue has finally been figured out and fixed.

A huge thank you to all those who helped with the fixes and with testing them. Red Cat is lucky enough to have picked up a truly amazing team behind the scenes, and none of this would be happening without all of you.

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