New Mod: moreplants

Because we clearly didn’t have enough plants, even with the I don’t know how many plant-focused mods we already run, we decided to add more.

We’re now running D00Med’s moreplants mod because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It’s not identical to the official version. Mapgen elements have been chopped out and many of the plants have been made to wave about in the imaginary air.

As an added bonus, I finally added my own martian grass and a few other pieces from my mars collection. Mainly because this is Red Cat, so red grass can’t be a bad thing!

With that said, I will try to stop adding mods for a little while. The focus is back to tidying up the things you lucky players don’t have to see or deal with.

Have fun with the plants.

One thought on “New Mod: moreplants

  1. well atleast games have more plants than on earth SO be happy about it!!
    Stay Calm and play in Red Cat!

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